Grand Island Team Time Trial

BBC vs BTC Club Time Trial Challenge in Memory of Glenn Hansen – BBC Series
February 27, 2019
Alabama East – BBC Series Race
February 27, 2019
August 16, 2020 @ 9:00 pm
2770 Long Rd
Grand Island NY 14072
Grand Island Team Time Trial @ GP:50

Grand Island Team Time Trial (TTT)

Event Chair: Tom Robinson

No USAC license required. Reg opens at 8:00, closes at 8:45. $50 bonus if team breaks the course record! “Cannibal” class means no aero equipment, however aero wheels with max depth of 58mm (Zipp 404) allowed. Minimum number of riders for a team is 3, maximum is 9. The final team time is taken from the 3rd rider to cross. Women’s category teams can be made up of Cat 1-4 women. This is a full lap around the island. We start at the same location as the Grand Island ITT on West River Rd, and as we make our way around the island we finish up about 150 yards from where we started now on the Grand Island parkway. Team Time Trial will count 60,45,35,25,15 points to team series. Teams can draft one non-team rider per category, allow 1 higher cat rider to move down, or 2 to move up. Course record was set in 2013 by the TBS Racing squad in a finishing time of 42:12.Categories aero and cannibal are considered separatec5 aero, c5 cannibalc4 aero, c4 cannibal c123 aero, c123 cannibalw1-4 aero, w1-4 cannibal.

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Buffalo Bicycling
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