2019 March BBC Meeting Minutes

2019 January BBC Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2019
GVCC Spring Giro Series
March 14, 2019

BBC Meeting Minutes

March 11 2019

Steve Mongielo, Frank Grillo, James Thompson, Tim Williams, Jim Schuler, Adam Wojcik, Brenden Conway, Derek Zellefrow, Jon Capozzi, Marit Ogin

6:45 called to order

Adopted Minutes from January meeting

Drew winner of January 42 hour challenge jersey: Congratulations Gary Ho!

Discussed BBC Series event scoring. Will explore pricing of webscorer. Currently race director Tom Robinson tracks in spreadsheet

New website discussion:

Thank you, Brenden Conway, for the new website build!! We will be launching the new website—check it out: www. Buffalobicyclingclub.com (old site was Buffalobicycling.com)

Discussed making marshalling sign-up more user friendly (i.e, have a main menu option: “Sign up to Marshall” with list of all options in one spot vs having to sign up on each event link.

Will reach out to teams to get up to date jersey images for teams on the website.

We have 115 marshalling slots we need covered for our USAC sanctioned races and training events. We will identify and communicate a date by which members can chose their marshall responsibilities.  After that point, marshalling spots will be assigned and communicated and it will be the individual’s responsibility to trade or ensure it is covered. Remember!  You physically do not have to do the marshalling – you can enlist family members, friends, paid substitutes….


Frank reviewed prior permitting and street closing fees with City of Buffalo and negotiated that we only need to pay the permitting and Police coverage past paid permitting. Will not have to also pay for street closing ($1280) that we have paid in the past.  It is still net cost increase vs last year but not as big a delta as initially anticipated.

Discussed late registration for Larkin. On-line registration will close at 9 pm. Surcharge for requested registration after closing/day of ($60).  Will monitor and adjust.

Will offer Larkin individual race registration options as well as a series race registration with modest discount for the series registration.

For 2019 we will only pay permitting (increased fees) but will not have to pay for street closing.

Estimate 100 participants/week @ $40/week would be money maker.

Will offer a series registration option at $150.

Seeking ideas on how to promote the kids race series. Will reach out to John Roden for ideas and to seek his ongoing support of the kid’s races.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Buffalo Bicycling
Buffalo Bicycling
The Buffalo Bicycling Club was incorporated on April 6th, 1973. We are dedicated to the promotion and development of bicycle racing in Western New York.

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