Membership Benefits

Since 1973, we’ve strived to create an inclusive, fun and supportive bike racing club culture. Members have access to club group rides, training races, and skills clinics that provide opportunities to develop on and off the bike skills and fitness. Hopefully, you will forge some new friendships along the way too! Additional benefits include:

Regular group training rides in the northtowns and southtowns
Social events, including annual club awards/holiday party

Mentorship program led by experienced WNY's cyclists; Providing 1:1 teaching to new members.
Group ride and racing skills clinics.

Access to our club forum and resources
Speaker series: Tips on training and racing preparation.
Qualification for the annual BBC championship race.

BBC Full Membership

Includes access to all BBC events (group rides, Sunday Series Club Races, skills clinics

BBC Rookie Year Full Membership

1st year BBC members, same as Full Membership.

Due to insurance requirements, the Buffalo Bicycling Club (BBC) requires all participants in BBC training races, group rides, and club hosted events to be BBC members.

The BBC can no longer allow "non-members" to participate in BBC training races and events. You must purchase a BBC membership from the options above. This "a la carte" approach will give members the option to select what best suits his/her availability and desired participation level.

All membership options will give you full BBC member rights per the BBC constitution and bylaws, but each will vary individually in event eligibility and marshaling requirements.

BBC "Out of Towner" Membership

This membership is reserved for visiting guest riders who live outside of WNY. Email: [email protected] for qualifications.

Booster Membership

This support membership is for anyone who won't be racing but would like to be on the BBC mailing list. This membership keeps you in the know of club events and news.


It's not a glamorous membership duty, but marshaling is the most important race job. Marshals play a vital role in creating a safe and controlled environment for riders during events. Please keep that in mind, without marshals, there can't be BBC races! Future marshals, thank you for your support!

Marshaling Requirements:

Full and Rookie members must marshal one BBC hosted events. If you do, we'll reward you for your efforts by giving you back $40 on your club membership dues!

How to Submit a Marshaling Assignment:

Go to , select the race you wish to marshal, and then complete the fields. As the event nears, you will be emailed marshaling instructions.