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BBC kits are available in two designs: Classic Club Blue and 50th Anniversary White! See new 2023 Sizing details for the Verge Store below the photos!
We have some exciting news for 2023! We have a major cycling product line refresh that just went live in January. This is our first full, major update since 2016, with completely new and updated products. You can see the newly launched website here: Cycling line items are here: There are some fairly significant sizing updates - we’ve eliminated all the different various fits/cuts on tops (AERO/FITTED/RELAXED) with just one overall sizing, then different fit according to specific lines. So sizing may be quite different for some customers depending on their previous size and selected cut. The basic breakdown on the different lines is: TOR/CALDO = Top level race. SKIN TIGHT fit. World Tour level features. Similar to the previous AERO cut. STRIKE/ZIMA = Race/serious enthusiast. Slightly looser fit – think training fit, or race cut circa 2011. Longer overall and some extra room in stomach area and waist. Similar to the previous FITTED cut. PRIME/THERMAL (replaces Core) = base range. Looser fit still. Not quite a “true” club cut, but extra room for comfort. Still an athletically cut garment. Similar to the previous RELAXED cut. Anyone that ordered AERO cut items in the past should order TOR SS/CALDO LS jerseys for generally similar sizing/fit. Anyone that ordered FITTED cut items in the past should order STRIKE SS/ZIMA LS jerseys for generally similar sizing/fit. Anyone that ordered RELAXED cut items in the past should order PRIME SS/THERMAL LS jerseys for generally similar sizing/fit. Based on what I’ve seen, I’d recommend just sticking with the above and not, for instance, trying to match an “old” AERO cut in the new STRIKE jersey by sizing down 1-2 sizes. Lowers and speedsuits should generally fit the same. However there could be some differences in the larger sizes. Outerwear is designed for layering, however, depending on how you like your outerwear to fit, you could consider sizing up or down accordingly.