• If you are interested in filling out an application for the BBC Foundation, click on the link here and email it to us: BBC Foundation


  • The BBC foundation is a component of the clubs budget designed to fund specific initiatives or efforts aligned to the BBCs mission statement in the form of grants. 
  • Funded by: 
    • All club sponsorships
    • All profits from club events (Training Series & USAC)
  • Benefits:
    • All club members will have the ability to complete a grant request. These requests will be approved by the BBC Board by majority vote. 
    • Grants will have a defined scope and cost & should be challenged to ensure alignment with the BBC mission statement.
      • Example) The Free Registration for Women 5 year program will be funded from the foundation given its targeted nature and prior board approval.
  • Examples of new BBC Foundation Requests:
    • To grow new membership, a grant could be provided for the purchase a defined number of BBC club jerseys for a limited number of new members. 
    • The club would like to bring in a pro cyclist to hold a seminar on racing and training. The Cost of this resource could be funded as a grant.
    • Pre-registration for the Hamburg RR is indicating the race will break even. A grant could be provided to fund prize money for certain fields. 
    • The club would like to host an event for Mentors and Mentees to discuss season goals, this could be funded as a grant. 
  • Governance:
    • This program provides oversight of club spending & puts a focus on how the club can add value to its members in a quantifiable way
    • The BBC Objectives
      • A. To develop and promote bicycle racing in and around Western New York.
        B. To compose and organize a racing schedule for club members and to promote USAC sanctioned races.
        C. To inform area bike riders on related activities in and around the Buffalo Area
  1. Approval

Grant approval request forms must be submitted to [email protected] and [email protected]. Forms will be put to a vote via email by the BBC Board. Board members will have 48 hours to vote and majority vote decides outcome. Grants are paid out by the BBC treasurer.