Our Thursday Night Fireball series partners with Shickluna Bike Shop to offer a Thursday night criterium training course on Grand Island.  This will be a scored series, separate from the BBC Sunday Series Club Races.  Our course is linked below, a 1.9-mile circuit with 3 corners.  The A field will do 9 laps for 17.1 miles (about 37-40 minutes), and the B field will do 6 laps for 11.4 miles (about 27-30 minutes).  Come out and practice cornering, top end fitness, and race tactics to help sharpen your handling skills and racing craft!


Schedule: These will be most Thursdays during the season with the B race starting at 6:30pm and the A race starting at 7:00pm.  Check the BBC Events calendar for more details


Course: Our 1.9-mile circuit can be found here.  The finish line is at the corner of West River/West Oakfield and Ferry Road.


Scoring: Check here for the current leaderboard


The top 10 each week in each field will be scored the same as the Sunday Series:

1st- 15 points

2nd- 13 points

3rd- 11 points

4th- 9 points

5th- 7 points

6th- 6 points

7th- 5 points

8th- 4 points

9th- 3 points

10th- 2 points

11th on- 1 point each