November 2022 Meeting Minutes

October 2022 Meeting Minutes
October 3, 2022
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December 16, 2022

November 2022 Meeting Minutes




  • James Thompson, Rich Scaduto, Tom Weichmann, Dennis Borden, Max Schneider, Erin Haskell, Emily Hill, Devin Erdmann, Daniel Peixoto, Tom Robinson, John Roden

Vision for Next Year from Rich Scaduto, Treasurer

  • Build a narrative around our 2023 season, the events we put on and why we put them on
    • Season arc that includes group rides, club races, and sanctioned races, each one building upon the other
    • In the past, we had our perennial events of Larkin, Hamburg, club races, so will focus on those core events in 2023 of Hamburg, Freedom Run, Arcade, etc
    • Manage the supply and demand of racing
    • If we try to plan for the supply and demand of racing, we can have a flow where people can focus on certain target events, and use other events to build towards those
  • The narrative of the club will be useful for the club treasury in 2023. We will hold a smaller number of events to have fewer clashes with people’s schedules and riding
    • More local and more engagement
    • Training series narrative will build training events into sanctioned events. Peaks and valleys during the year
    • From a treasury perspective, engaging new members and getting more people per sanctioned event across fewer events will help build back up the club’s bank reserve
  • Rich’s future goal is to reestablish a crit series
    • Will look ahead to 2023 or 2024 to find an appropriate venue that is cheap to run and gets the right kind of spectator environment (unfortunately that may not be in the Buffalo city limits due to regulations and costs unless the club gets a race sponsor)
      • Possibly not sanctioned right away

Group Ride Initiative for 2023

  • Our goal is to fill out the BBC Calendar from April to September with Sunday group rides on the Sundays we are not doing races
    • 3 sanctioned races and 9 club races (8 Sundays because one club race is a Thursday TT)
  • Exploring formats for these group rides
    • A and B groups will allow for a wider range of abilities
    • Exploring either both rides being the same distance but different speeds, or having the A ride be about 50 miles and the B ride about 30 miles.
  • *NEW* Ride Leader Committee
    • Under Frank Grillo’s direction, a Ride Leader committee is being formed so these rides will have at least 2-3 ride leaders in attendance for each day. 7 ride leaders out of a proposed 10 have been identified so far
    • Officers will be coming up with a written set of expectations for both ride leaders and ride participants
  • Our Mentorship program will continue in 2023 on the back of strong, progressive improvement in the mentorship program in 2021 and 2022
    • An effective group ride series with mentorship ties into real rider development. Erin will help with the marketing for clinics as well
    • Written expectations for mentors and mentees will also be forthcoming

Club Leadership in 2023

  • Club Leadership will expand in 2023 for a more collaborative approach to decision making in the new Board
    • Elected officers of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary
    • Nominated Directors for Education and Racing
    • * NEW* Rider Representative Committee (more below)
    • * NEW* Steering Committee
      • A group comprised of the Rider Representatives as well as one member of each team in the BBC. This group will meet every 2 months to gather and discuss feedback from club members to report back to officers
      • Steering committee meets to have a summary of club accomplishments so far, actionable items, and how the club can continue or improve to achieve those
    • Will be working on the structure of the new expanded Board.
    • Will be working on revisions to the Club Bylaws to be presented for membership vote in December


  • Rider Representatives are a way to talk to the riders of that group (new riders, women riders, master’s riders), engage them, own that group’s feedback, and report back to the Board.
    • New Rider Representative- Devin Erdmann
    • Women’s Rider Representative- Erin Haskell
    • Master’s Rider Representative- Joe Giovenco
    • Feedback should come to the club from the bottom up
    • Rider representatives will be their own committee to provide regular feedback to the club officers and to contribute regular blog posts on the BBC website to share their perspectives on the club events and races
    • Tom Weichmann will serve in this group as the racing calendar representative through his work in NYSBRA
    • Greg Sipes will provide technical oversight for the website to aid in the club’s communication. The website will become a focal point of communication for the club in 2023 and beyond because it is likely the first point of contact that potential new members have to the club, both through internet searches and through the BBC’s mentor program flyers that will be circulating through the community in 2023.  Social media posts will link through the website
  • Next Meeting
    • Monday December 12th at 7pm by Zoom.  Link will be sent out.


Buffalo Bicycling
Buffalo Bicycling
The Buffalo Bicycling Club was incorporated on April 6th, 1973. We are dedicated to the promotion and development of bicycle racing in Western New York.

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