BBC February Meeting Minutes 2.19.2024

2023 Season Membership Survey Results!
February 20, 2024
Doing more Racing to get better at Racing
March 3, 2024

Buffalo Bicycling Club

February Meeting- 2/19/2024 at 7pm on Zoom


  • James Thompson
  • Dennis Borden
  • Tim Williams
  • Erin Haskell
  • Scott Collins
  • Gary Ho
  • Devin Erdmann
  • Richard Scaduto
  • Jourdan Woodward


  • Gift Card Drawings
    • Survey Winners: Tyler Collins and Sam Garver– $50 gift cards
    • Base Building
      • 20 hours and up: Haakon Sheffield ($25 gift card)
      • 30 hours and up: Mike Battaglia ($50 gift card)
      • 42 hour and up for BBC Member jersey: Matt Quinlan
      • Overall Men: Greg Sipes
      • Overall Women: Julia Farell
  • Membership Options and Rollout
    • Most membership options will stay the same with a change to group ride offering
      • Full membership- $120
      • Rookie Membership- $75
      • Rookie + Jersey- $135 (BBC subsidizes half the cost of a club jersey)
      • Group Ride and Cross Practice membership- $25
      • Out of Town Membership- $25
      • Junior and college student membership- Free
      • Booster non-membership (email list only)- Free
    • Major change above will be the addition of Cyclocross practice on various Saturdays in July-November courtesy of Jon Siuta and the 104 Farm
  • Survey Results
  • 2024 Calendar
    • Calendar is in alignment with the state and other local calendars
      • for our USAC races, we will plan on adding some additional categories to some races, including a Cat 3/4 field to Resurgence/Hamburg/Freedom Run and some additional master’s fields.
    • Increasing from 8 to 11 BBC Sunday Series club races (extra TT, Strava segment group ride, Corfu, plus same 8 as last year)
    • BBC will lead 9 Sunday group rides with NFBC joining as guests, BBC members will have the option of NFBC Wednesday night rides
    • Thursday Night Fireball dates finalized– will promote as crit practice with separate scoring for A and B fields.  Very important for rider development to do these when available
    • Calendar events will be on the website this week
  • Mentorship
    • Erin volunteered to lead communication with mentors and mentees.  Mentorship program will continue as a 1-on-1 pairing with an experienced member to a new member.  The key improvement for 2024 will be weekly check-ins with both mentors and mentees.  In previous years, the eager mentees did well, but the more reticent new members or those with scheduling difficulties lapsed out of the program.  Other mentors told us at the end of the season that they wanted more guidance on how to facilitate communication and riding with their mentees.  Reluctant to hand mentees over to teams as a whole to keep that 1-on-1 contact and to nut blurry what it means to be on any particular team.
  • Treasury Report
    • We anticipate additional costs at some of our USAC races this year.  At Resurgence, we will need to spend an extra approximately $1200 on potties and barriers over last year.  For Resurgence, Hamburg, and Freedom Run, we will look into hiring a moto official in addition to our finish line and car officials for extra safety.  We will be calling out to members who have motorcycles who may want to become licensed referees.
    • Additional costs anticipated due to the club’s 501c3 discrepancy.  Need to account for additional legal and accounting costs associated with new filing.
Buffalo Bicycling
Buffalo Bicycling
The Buffalo Bicycling Club was incorporated on April 6th, 1973. We are dedicated to the promotion and development of bicycle racing in Western New York.

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