Sunday Series Club Race (on Thursday): BBC vs BTC Grand Island Time Trial in Memory of Glenn Hansen

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Sunday Series Club Race (on Thursday): BBC vs BTC Grand Island Time Trial in Memory of Glenn Hansen

August 15 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

  • You are allowed to do BBC Time Trials with the reduced-price “Group Ride and Cyclocross” Membership!

This event is special Buffalo Bicycling Club event. This is the annual Buffalo Bicycling Club vs Buffalo Triathlon Club Grand Island Time Trial in Memory of legendary BBC time triallist Glenn Hansen.  Glenn passed away from cancer in 2009, so all racers are asked to bring a $10 donation as their entry fee, all of which will be donated to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Institute.

Individual Time Trials are a race against the clock, just you and your fastest time against everyone else’s time.  There are two options for your bike: use your road bike as you would for a mass start road race (aka “Cannibal” style, named after famed European pro rider Eddy Merckx from the 1970s) or full aero category with a time trial bike with aero bars and solid disc wheels.  We are going to allow both types of bikes to compete in separate categories that will both count towards the BBC Sunday Series Standings.  While a standard road race is worth 15 points for the winner, the TT categories will be worth 10 points each for the following categories (with full category point details at the bottom of the page):

  • A Field Men/Women/Master’s 50+ Road Bike
  • A Field Men/Women/Masters 50+ TT Bike
  • B Field Men/Women Road Bike
  • B Field Men/Women TT Bike

While in 2023, we did not allow TT bikes to count towards the standings, we get that some members have TT bikes, bike shops are interested in promoting TT bikes, and we want to show members just how much faster time trial bikes can be so you can get the most out of your individual effort!  Therefore, there will be 2 winners each for the A and B fields, each earning 10 points on down (according to the scoring below).  We are both promoting TT bikes while also not dis-incentivizing those who will be doing the event on a road bike from being at a time disadvantage towards the Sunday Series scoring.

*Note— you will only be scored once for the event, so you cannot race both the road bike and TT bike categories for Sunday Series points.

Equipment allowed for each category

  • Road Bike (aka Cannibal) Category
    • YES– Road bike, same as a mass start event, aero wheels of any depth, road helmets, and skinsuits
    • NO– solid disc wheels, clip-on aero bars, or TT helmets with a teardrop shape
  • TT Bike Category
    • YES- Time Trial bike with aero bars, teardrop TT helmets, and solid rear disc wheels are all allowed.  Triathlon bike that is otherwise “UCI Illegal” is also allowed

BBC vs BTC Time Trial Event Categories Available

Men’s Open– TT bike and all aero equipment allowed

Men’s Cannibal – Road Bike only

Women’s Open– TT bike and all aero equipment allowed

Women’s Cannibal– Road Bike only

Master’s Mens 50+ Open– TT bike and all aero equipment allowed

Master’s Mens 50+ Cannibal– Road Bike only



Park at GP50 NY, 2770 Long Rd, Grand Island, NY 14072


Click Here to View the Course Page.  An out-and-back 12.5 mile (20km) race against the clock!  Start at West River and Long Rd according to the start number you receive when you sign in.  Turnaround is at approximately 2435 Bush Rd, 6.25 miles down the Island.

What You Should Expect on Race Day:

  1. Please plan to arrive 30-45 minutes early to get into your riding clothes and get your bike ready.  Get in a good warmup after signing in.
  2. Write down your name on the sign-in sheet in the parking lot.  This will determine your start order, so pay attention to the start number and start time that you receive at sign-in.
  3. At 6:30pm, the first rider will go off at the start line.  Make sure you arrive at the start line 5 minutes before your individual start time so you are not late.  If you are late to your start time, the clock starts whether you are there or not!
  4. We will be recording everyone’s finish time to determine everyone’s results

BBC vs BTC Event-Specific Scoring:

For scoring against the triathlon club, we’ll be using a “Snake Draft” model for all categories.  This means the number of riders in that event are the maximum number of points that the winner gets, descending one point down for everyone until the last rider gets 1 point.  The Top 3 in each category will also get 3,2,1 bonus points, and everyone gets one participation point.

Example in a field with 5 riders:

1st = 5 points + 1 participation point + 3 point bonus

2nd = 4 points + 1 participation point + 2 point bonus

3rd = 3 points + 1 participation point + 1 point bonus

4th = 2 points + 1 participation point

5th = 1 point + 1 participation point


Sunday Series Club Races Individual Scoring (Internal BBC Scoring Only):

This race is part of the club’s eleven-race points series. There will be an ‘A’ and ‘B’ field scored at each race, with additional separate scoring below. Points are awarded in each race by finishing place:

1st = 10 points

2nd = 8 points

3rd = 7 points

4th = 6 points

5th = 5 points

6th = 4 points

7th = 3 points

8th = 2 points

9th and after = 1 points


Each rider’s best nine of eleven results will be used for the overall standings and the top three overall riders will be awarded at the end of season banquet.

Master’s Sunday Series Racing

New in 2023, we are including a version of separate scoring for Masters Men’s 50+ racers!  Master’s 50+ will race in the A field and will be scored against the A’s, but Master’s points will be pulled out into a separate Master’s leaderboard.  How does this work?  If Master’s 50+ riders get 4th, 7th, and 8th in the A race, their 4th/7th/8th place points will go towards their Master’s standings.  They’ll be on the Men’s A leaderboard and the separate Master’s leaderboard.

Women’s Sunday Series Racing

Women racing in the Men’s A field will have the same version of separate scoring as the Men’s Master’s 50+ above.  If women riders get 4th/7th/8th in the Men’s A race, their 4th/7th/8th place points will go towards a Women’s A leaderboard, as well as the Men’s A leaderboard.

Women racing in the Men’s B field will have the same version of separate scoring as well.  If women get 4th/7th/8th in the Men’s B race, their 4th/7th/8th place points will go towards a Women’s B leaderboard, as well as the Men’s B leaderboard.

Sunday Series Team Scoring:

There will be team scoring in only the ‘A’ field (including the master’s and women racing in the A field). ALL eleven races count toward the team classification. There are no restrictions on the number of riders per team, per race, but only the top three riders of each team will have their points totaled after each race for their team classification scoring. The overall winner will be awarded at the end of season banquet.



August 15
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


James Thompson


2770 Long Rd.
Grand Island, NY 14072
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