Indoor trainer season is winding down and it's time to get outside and put that fitness to a test. This year's race season looks a lot different than we all anticipated, so the Buffalo Bicycling Club created a challenge to help you keep your competitive edge sharp, test your fitness, and win some prizes.

Bikes are a way to help us stay healthy both mentally and physically. The BBC created a 4-week Strava segment challenge that awards both participation and speed.

Here's how it works:
  • Over the course of the 4-week challenge, segments can be completed in any order you want.
  • However, there's a benefit to following the order on the calendar. There will be a randomly drawn $25 LBS gift card given away each Monday following that weekly scheduled segment.
  • At the end of the 4-week challenge, riders' results will be totaled to determine the winner of the grand prize in each category.

    Full rules and scoring below...

    1. The route must be ridden solo.  No pacelines or group efforts.
    2. No outside support.
    3. "Cannibal Style"-- Must be ridden on a mass-start race legal road bike (or gravel or mountain bike).  No time trial bikes and no e-bikes!  Deep section aero wheels are fair game as they are mass-start legal.
    4. It’s a Fondo format, so you must obey all traffic laws.
    5. The ride is self-supported. You are not allowed to have a support vehicle or motor pacing vehicle (or impromptu motor pace another vehicle on the road).
    6. The route will be on open roads with no marshals or club representation.
    7. Appropriate social distancing must be maintained.
    8. Do not attempt to organize staggered starts, minutemen, or rabbits. You must do this on your own and not in conjunction with any other club or non-club rider.  You may not link up with any rider or racer that happens to also be on the course doing it for time.
    9. The route must be ridden in the direction as stated on the GPS file or your effort will not get uploaded correctly to the Strava leaderboard.
    10. You may attempt any of the courses as many times as you would like in order to get your best time.  The Strava leaderboard will default to your best time for each course when we tally up the final placings.


  • Fields: Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Master’s 50+
  • Placing/Points for each segment: 
    1st / 30
    2nd / 27
    3rd / 25
    4th / 23
    5th / 21
    6th / 19
    7th / 17
    8th / 15
    9th / 14
    10th / 13
    11th / 11
    12th / 10
    13th / 9
    14th / 8
    15th / 7
    16th / 6
    17th / 5
    18th / 4
    19th / 3
    20th / 2
    1 point for every rider placed after 20
  • Only the rider's best six results will be used to tally their total score (lowest two scores are dropped from series).  
  • Tiebreakers will be decided by riders total series # of wins (1st place finishes).  If still tied, the next total # of 2nd places, then 3rd, and so on...
  • Be safe and have fun!
    Below is a link to all four routes and segments:


    Week 1: (5/1-5/9)
    Grand Island Loop


    Week 2: (5/10-5/16)
    Hamburg Hairpin



    Week 3: (5/17-5/23)
    Colden CCBC


    Week 4: (5/24-5/31)
    Circles of Death