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March 14, 2023
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Hello BBC Members,

Marshals play a vital role in creating a safe and controlled environment for riders during events.  Marshaling responsibilities may vary from traffic management at a corner, driving a lead car during a sanctioned race, or helping with event setup/breakdown.  Please keep in mind that, without marshals, we cannot have races!  Thank you in advance for your participation and support.


We need marshals to have our races happen, and we’re prepared to offer you rewards!

  • If you marshal a Sunday Series BBC race yourself, we’ll give you 10 points towards your Sunday Series Standings for that race!   For earning club points, you can do that a maximum of 2 times per season.  This counts towards your individual and team Sunday Series standings
  • We also need experienced riders to help mentor the C-group races for the BBC Sunday Series.  This means riding with the group, offering pointers on pacelines, group dynamics, and race tactics.  Do that and you’ll get 5 points towards your Sunday Series Standings for that race up to 2 times per season!  This counts towards your individual and team Sunday Series standings.
  • Continuing from last year, marshal a USAC Race or bring family/friends to marshal, and you will be refunded $40 of your membership fee!  You can do this an unlimited number of times.


We’re using marshals to make the racing better!

  • We’ll be adding a marshaling spot to BBC Sunday Series races for timing/scoring, so now we’ll be offering intermediate sprints of 3, 2, 1 points as you cross the start/finish line of some of the laps during the race!  It keeps the racing interesting!  Follow the race director’s instructions on the day for how many laps are offering the intermediate sprint points.  We will aim for 2 or 3 laps depending on the course.  **Offering intermediate sprints is contingent on having a marshal to do finish line scoring.


Sign up to Marshal when you buy your membership on Bikereg OR here on the website at any time!


Remember, ask not what the BBC can do for you, but what you can do for the BBC!


James Thompson

President, Buffalo Bicycling Club

Buffalo Bicycling
Buffalo Bicycling
The Buffalo Bicycling Club was incorporated on April 6th, 1973. We are dedicated to the promotion and development of bicycle racing in Western New York.

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