BBC September Meeting Minutes 9.18.2023

Points for Marshalling BBC Sunday Series- 2023
April 10, 2023
BBC Meeting Minutes 11.13.2023
November 15, 2023

BBC September Meeting Minutes

9/18/2023, 7pm via Zoom

Attendance: James Thompson, Tim Williams, Rich Scaduto, Erin Haskell, Frank Grillo, Steve Mongielo, Dennis Borden, Gary Ho



  • 2023 season award nominees reviewed.
    • Received a number of submissions by club members.  Decided to post more than 3 names per category for membership vote this week
  • Treasury Report
    • The club did very well this year with its finances.  Club membership increased by a small amount compared to 2022.  Each of the 4 USAC Sanctioned races we put on (Marilla, Resurgence Crit, Hamburg, Freedom Run) all ran between a $200 loss and a $1400 profit, so all races broke even on costs and did not require membership dollars to subsidize the races.  In total, the club netted $10,000 in profit this year after a $6,000 loss in 2022.
    • The goal of the BBC in 2024 is to use these profits to redirect back into membership services and rider development
  • End-of-year Awards Banquet
    • currently planning a return to a more formal banquet hall style event, last seen in 2018.   We are planning on a Friday or Saturday evening in October at Resurgence Brewing Company at the moment.  Date and location to be announced.
  • Reflection on the 2023 Racing Calendar
    • Introduction of club-led group rides engaged more members in 2023, which we will continue in 2024.  Group rides were on courses that hosted races in the weeks after, so riders had a chance to practice on courses in the group and get to know fellow club members
    • We received word in 2024 that the Ohio-based Races at the Lake may be cancelled due to the park being redesigned.  The BBC could potentially offer an additional USAC race in the April/May timeslot to tailor to the Cleveland-area racers if no replacement Ohio race series is devised
  • Mentorship Program
    • In its 3rd year, our Mentorship program paired up newer racers with experienced racers to help get their footing in the club and learn about racing.  Both mentors and mentees were given surveys in the previous few weeks.  Surveys showed some were highly engaged during the year, while others were less so.  The BBC’s goal in 2024 will be to bring mentors on board earlier in the off-season, tie mentorship into our winter Zwift rides, and have mentors on standby for members coming in during the later spring/summer.  Any mentees who did not engage as much with their mentor in 2023 and would like to re-commit to their riding development can inquire with our club education director, Frank, Grillo, about the possibility of getting paired up again in 2024.
    • Looking at a possible BBC “Try the Track” trip up at the Milton Velodrome in Ontario this winter.  Riding the track greatly develops riding skill.  Erin will look into pricing.
  • Skills Clinics
    • In 2024, the BBC will have certified skills clinics on the calendar, at least one in the spring and one later in the year.  These will be run by a USAC certified instructor, teach both basic and more advanced bike handling skills, and would count towards a Cat 3 upgrade.
  • Fireball in 2024
    • In 2022 and 2023, attendance at the weekly Grand Island Fireball training ride has dwindled.  It was separate from the club this year, but in 2024, the club will partner in marketing this series for better outreach.  Several possible ideas are on the table, including moving racing to the circuit as a way to build criterium handling skills and fitness for all members.  We’ll look at having an A and B field.  Other ideas include some weeks being unscored practice only, while other weeks will be scored.  The overall goal here is for riders to have a weekly opportunity to race hard over a short criterium course and to further develop race tactics and cornering skills.
  • Junior Riders and USAC Policy
    • While final information is slightly unclear at this time, USAC may require all race license holders to complete the Safe Sport Training next year, which educates adult athletes on “how emotional, physical, and sexual abuse can appear in sport settings, which behaviors cross the line, and how to safeguard junior athletes in sport.”  More information to follow.
  • Officer Positions for 2024
    • Call for interest in being an officer for 2024.
      • President candidate: James Thompson (incumbent)
      • Vice President candidate: Tim Williams (incumbent)
      • Treasurer candidate: Rich Scaduto (incumbent)
      • Secretary candidate: Dennis Borden is running for this open position
      • Race Director candidate: Tom Robinson (incumbent)
      • Education Director candidate: Frank Grillo (incumbent)
    • Voting will take place in person at the Banquet in October.
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