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BBC Base Building Challenge 2024
December 18, 2023
BBC January Meeting Minutes
January 26, 2024

Stay up to date on the BBC Base Building Challenge Leaderboard!  We’ll update this every Monday morning throughout January.  Set your own goals of hitting 20, 30, or 42 hours, and have some friendly competition with your fellow club members!  (See the rules and prize levels here)


*These numbers are found on Strava.  If you don’t see yourself on here, please let James know!  You may not be on here if you are not a 2023 BBC member (you are still eligible for the 20 and 30 hour gift cards), not on Strava, or if your Strava profile/rides are private.

Updated on: Thursday 2/1/2024 at 2pm
Name Hours M/W BBC Member?
Greg Sipes 108:05 Men full
Jon Siuta 103:07 Men full
Derek Zellefrow 100:06 Men full
James Thompson 82:38 Men full
Ryan Snow 71:26 Men No
Haakon Sheffield 70:14 Men out of town
Julia Farell 67:18 Women out of town
Jeremy Stein 62:20 Men out of town
Steve Wehling 60:45 Men full
Stephen Gray 58:50 Men No
Nathan Yost 56:49 Men No
Sam Garver 51:01 Men rookie
Vinny Bolt 49:33 Men out of town
Matthew Quinlan 45:44 Men out of town
Paul Mattison 44:15 Men out of town
Tom Robinson 43:03 Men full
Pete Cerny 42:41 Men full
Dino Fudoli 42:10 Men rookie
Patrick Malley 42:10 Men No
Alex Tidd 40:23 Men out of town
Josef Bellucci 40:08 Men No
Todd Witzleben 39:13 Men rookie
Max Schneider 38:42 Men full
Jeff Schnellinger 38:20 Men group ride
Chris Salisbury 38:15 Men full
Dennis Borden 35:05 Men full
Kelly Yaroshewski 35:00 Women out of town
Tyler Collins 34:03 Men rookie
Ethan Johnson 33:15 Men No
Timothy Galvin 32:40 Men group ride
Matt Rubacha 32:18 Men rookie
Scott Farrell 32:09 Men full
Bill Dowling 32:06 Men group ride
Cory Kuhns 31:57 Men out of town
Bryan Hopkins 31:28 Men full
Frank Jenner 31:00 Men out of town
Ethan Pfenninger 30:33 Men out of town
Michael Battaglia 30:32 Men out of town
Gary Ho 30:24 Men full
Alan Zawadzki 30:08 Men No
Jonathan Finn 30:00 Men No
Moose Imam 29:00 Men full
Andy Emborsky 28:33 Men full
Rob Hengel 28:12 Men full
Frank Grillo 27:56 Men full
Drew Scott 27:55 Men full
Adam Wojcik 27:51 Men full
Marcus Cox 27:30 Men out of town
Jesse Corum 26:51 Men out of town
Steve Toorongian 26:14 Men group ride
Ben Barnhardt 25:35 Men full
Eric Jantzi 25:18 Men full
Earl Cantwell 25:00 Men No
Chelsea Borden 24:55 Women full
Ryan Rish 24:04 Men full
Ryan Bierl 21:45 Men full
Erin Haskell 21:12 Women full
Ryan Fletcher 20:52 Men out of town
Denise Hochul 20:29 Women full
Pat Meszler 19:17 Men No
John Vorrasi 19:15 Men out of town
Eric Ingalsbe 19:10 Men full
Eric Saenger 18:52 Men full
Joe Giovenco 18:47 Men full
Rich Scaduto 17:47 Men full
Tom Weichmann 17:21 Men full
Mike Maywalt 16:54 Men full
Jan Van Aardt 16:41 Men out of town
Andy Ruestow 16:09 Men out of town
Brian Cardona 16:04 Men out of town
Claudia Gray 14:02 Women full
Greg Cherr 12:48 Men full
Darryl Hicks 12:04 Men out of town
Patty Tabaczynski 11:55 Women No
Mark Paris 11:53 Men out of town
Barry Sternberg 11:06 Men out of town
Scott Collins 10:58 Men rookie
Greg Rivera 10:53 Men group ride
Geoff Lawrence 9:55 Men out of town
Alex MacFarlane 9:00 Men group ride
Jim Gorman 7:10 Men full
Bryan Bonn 7:09 Men full
Andy August 6:34 Men out of town
Jourdan Woodward 5:27 Men rookie
Eric Szafranski 5:07 Men full
Steve Rupp 5:04 Men full
John Roden 4:37 Men group ride
Patrick Carroll 4:28 Men full
Corey Knowles 4:25 Men full
Sean Broderick 4:16 Men rookie
Tory Trzyna 4:06 Women rookie
Joshua Stewart 3:43 Men Junior
Alan Hastings 3:00 Men group ride
Connor Schloop 2:48 Men full
Scott Bass 2:30 Men out of town
John Klein 2:03 Men full
Vinny Pagliaccio 2:02 Men rookie
Drew Lloyd 1:29 Men full
Joe Olgin 1:15 Men full
Robert Miskines 1:01 Men rookie
Wilson Stevens 0:52 Men group ride
Bennett Wilson Men full
Jenny Bushover Women full
Eric Curtis Men full
Stephen Downing Men full
Emily Hill Women full
Steve Mongielo Men full
Jim Oakes Men full
Craig Polston Men full
Aaron Rosenberg Men full
Austin Skomra Men full
Merle Whitehead Men full
Ray Zilliox Men full
Craig Braymiller Men rookie
Brett Moffitt Men rookie
Mougheis Umar Men rookie
Darius Mallon Men rookie
Dan Van Der Zee Men rookie
Katelyn Murray Women group ride
Attilio Nicosia Men group ride
Florent Rouby Men group ride
Todd Bogumil Men out of town
Sam Bogumil Men out of town
Travis Briggs Men out of town
Martin Coffey Men out of town
Patrick Elliott Men out of town
Brandan Ewing Men out of town
Christian Ricci Men out of town
Tracey Maciejewski Women No
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