BBC January Meeting Minutes

Base Building Challenge Leaderboard
January 2, 2024
KAV Helmets Vision Sponsorship of the BBC
February 17, 2024

Meeting Time: 1/22/2024, 7:00-8:30pm

Meeting Location: Zoom


  • James Thompson
  • Tom Robinson
  • Dennis Borden
  • Tim Williams
  • Erin Haskell
  • Peter Cummings
  • Rich Scaduto
  • Gary Ho
  • Eric Curtis

Discussion Topics:

  • KAV Helmets
    • James met again with KAV Helmets on our 2024 partnership.  The $3,000 sponsorship will net the club 12 free helmets, plus all club members will be able to buy helmets at a 30% discount.  Deal is signed.  We are working out a distribution method for the 12 helmets.  KAV wants a mix of higher category and lower category riders getting the helmets, and a condition of receiving the free helmet is social media promotion and offering product feedback to the company.  We will work on an incentive based distribution for registering for your membership early and committing to marshalling, with a % of helmets allocated to members of all race categories.  Full/rookie/junior members only.  Group ride, out-of-town, and booster members would not be eligible for one of the 12 free helmets.
  • USAC Race Coordination
    • The process of getting our USAC races in order is proceeding.  We discussed assigning race directors for each race.  Eric Curtis is volunteering to be an assistant race director based on availability.  Tim will order permits, Tim/Tom/Rich/James will handle the town and venue permissions for 1 race each.  There is a potential conflict with USAC Marilla race given the recent addition of WNYBRC Bristol RR the day before on Saturday April 27th.  We will discuss with that race’s director about the conflict of racers only choosing one or the other race and both races losing out on participation.
  • Club Calendar
    • Draft schedule discussion.  The first draft features 4 USAC races, an increase in Sunday Series Races from 8 to 11 with the addition of 1 extra time trial, a Strava Segment Group Ride, and Corfu as a club course.  We will have 9 Sunday group rides partnered with the NFBC.  Eric Curtis is volunteering to be an assistant director for some of these Sunday Series Races.  Projekt/Shickluna will direct the Fireball series.  Dennis is adding which Thursdays will be scored Fireballs to the calendar.  Porta potties will be ordered once dates for Sunday Series are final.
  • Skills Clinics
    • Peter Cummings of Plan2Peak discussed how the BBC will offer skills clinics to members in 2024.  The main domains of proficiency/competencies in a classroom style plus practicing skills on the bike.  These would be eligible for upgrade points according to NYSBRA guidelines- 1 point for classroom instruction, 1 for boke skills, 1 for race simulation.  These will feature online classroom videos of 10 minutes each on various topics (new rider experience, learning terminology, etiquette, physiology, psychology, how to approach training, understanding new rules).  On road/in person for skills clinics.
    • There will be a “Carrot/stick” prerequisite.  As these 10 minute videos will be easy to digest, we would make these mandatory for in-club upgrade categories from C–B or B–A, or mandatory for all club members potentially
  • NFBC Group Rides
    • NFBC partnership will involve the BBC joining existing NFBC rides on Wednesdays.  We are exploring which location (Northtowns/Transit/Lancaster, or Southtowns/Chestnut Ridge) would be better or offer both via question on BBC Member Survey.  BBC Members can be guests on the NFBC Wednesday night faster rides.  All NFBC members would then be guests at our Sunday group rides.
  • Member Survey
    • Member survey will roll out later this week.  Erin is finalizing the questions, already received feedback from other officers on question types, language, and ease of use.  Members will have about 2 weeks to answer the questions.  2 respondents will be drawn for $50 bike shop gift cards.
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