BBC March Meeting Minutes 3.18.2024

Doing more Racing to get better at Racing
March 3, 2024
Call for Mentors for our Mentorship Program 2024
March 22, 2024

BBC Meeting Minutes 3.18.2024

  • Attendance
    • James Thompson
    • Dennis Borden
    • Tim Williams
    • Richard Scaduto
    • Tom Weichmann
    • Drew Scott
    • Gary Ho
    • Laura Lubniewski
    • Frank Sauer
    • Jourdan Woodward
  • Topics
    • Security for Marshalling
      • The club is committing to ordering security guards for our Sunday Series club races this year because many members are not yet signing up for marshalling.  We will use membership dollars to purchase security for BBC Marilla, Grand Island, Langford, Hunter’s Creek, Corfu, Marilla Expansion, and Shero.  We still do need members to volunteer for scoring/timing for the club races, and the incentives apply if you marshal .  We will not order security guards for either of the two Grand Island time trials or any of the Thursday Night Fireballs due to the 4-hour minimum per company rules, and we will need members to marshal for those.  As in previous years, we will be ordering security for our four USAC sanctioned races for corner marshals.
    • Pricing for USAC Races
      • Our costs are going up for our USAC sanctioned races this year.  Additional costs compared to last year include barriers for the finishing straight on the Resurgence crit, adding a moto official to Resurgence/Hamburg/Freedom Run for increased safety, and increases in insurance costs.  We will have to raise prices on our 2024 USAC races.  For now, all races are advertised at 2023 prices, but we will raise prices by $10 in the weeks leading up to each race, and $20 in the days leading up.  So save money and help us get a better idea of who’s coming by signing up early!
    • Race Day Supplies
      • We took inventory of race day supplies and started ordering new supplies.  This includes hay bales for the crit and bib numbers for all races
    • USAC Grant Opportunities
      • We reviewed a possible grant application opportunity through USA Cycling, relatively competitive grant for $1000.  We will submit our application by the deadline at the end of the month.
      • We reviewed the application process for applying for additional grants through NYSBRA, again competitive grants.
    • Mentorship program
      • We are rolling out the mentorship program and especially call for mentors.  We have 10 new members who are signing up to be mentees already.  Link to sign up will be provided
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Buffalo Bicycling
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