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September 19, 2023
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Buffalo Bicycling Club
Date: 11/13/2023

General Information
Start time: 7:00pm
End time: 8:30pm
Location: Online conference

November monthly meeting

1. James Thompson
2. Dennis Borden
3. Tom Robinson
4. Rich Scaduto
5. Erin Haskell
6. Eric Curtis
7. Austen Fisher
8. Gary Ho
9. Jon Siuta
10. John Rosen

Attachments: Treasury report!Asx8Cz-fpq2bgVjfPjehEGxsnE3e

1. Treasury report: see attachment

2. General Discussion:
a. Code of conduct / By Laws & Constitution
James reviewed existing code of conduct. Overall review and discussion of constitution and bylaws. Member discussion of likely impact to membership and potential USAC SAFESport training for ALL membership prior to license renewal. James/Erin to publish finalized version to the website.  The BBC will be putting out regular messages throughout the off-season and next year about the code of conduct and members’ responsibilities to treat each other respectfully at all times.  As the BBC is a USAC-affiliated club, we are mandated to report all transgressions to SafeSport.

b. Suicide prevention training
1/10/24 – Campus Wheelworks on Niagara @ 6pm (in-person).  James is committed to attending.  Information on this will be up on the website shortly.  30-person max in partnership with Campus and their interested team members and customers.  This is free for all BBC Members and a great opportunity to learn about suicide prevention and how to talk to people at risk.

c. Organized Zwift rides
James to lead BBC Zwift rides beginning 11/26 @ 9am -2hour at 2.5 w/kg. Erin to be assigned as admin on Strava to encourage increased participation.  Open to anyone, member or not.  Weekly Sunday rides from late November through mid-March.

d. Sponsorship opportunities
Discussion of portential KAV relationship.  KAV Helmets is going to set up a factory in Buffalo next year, and approached the club about sponsorship opportunities.  James will reach back out to organize a meeting with the BBC officers to discuss sponsorship arrangements and benefits for members.

e. Thursday night Fireball series
The BBC will help to market the Fireball in 2024 on the website and social media.  Some new ideas include separate A&B Field; 2 marshals and 1 finish line scorer required if we want to turn it into a viable scored event, or otherwise have it be an unscored format.  Dates will be every Thursday from May – August, meeting at Fisherman’s Landing on Grand Island.  Need further discussion with Shickluna Bike Shop to firm up format, scoring, branding, etc.

f. USAC Calendar
NYS TT championship discussion, with the BBC potentially bidding for the event- course length potential issue if done on Grand Island (not a full 40km for the loop).  Potential date is 8/17 or 8/18 but can be done in June or July.  James reached out to BTC to see which event dates work for their members.  Other discussion of the Resurgence crit bidding for the NYS Crit Championship: difference in costs from 5-8 hours for the whole event to accommodate the larger fields and requirement for more fields on offer (including a broader range of junior and master’s age categories that normally wouldn’t have their own events in a smaller USAC race) and would we be able to justify the increased costs with increased reg.

3. Open Discussion:
a. Need to promote track day – 1/27/24 @ 1pm at the Milton Velodrome in Ontario.  James will get up on the website and email list.

Buffalo Bicycling
Buffalo Bicycling
The Buffalo Bicycling Club was incorporated on April 6th, 1973. We are dedicated to the promotion and development of bicycle racing in Western New York.

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